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Framing Carpenter

Posted: 08/25/2022

 The Framing Carpenter precisely measures, cuts, and assembles the framing lumber needed to build or remodel residential homes, garages, boat houses and other structures.    The Framing Carpenter could work on new construction, remodels, or additions to existing structures. A set of plans – typically blueprints – guide the Framing Carpenter in construction projects.    

The Framing Carpenter could work on any of the follow: 

Rough framing of new structures  
?Siding, soffit, and facia work
Demolition of existing structures 
Installation of windows and doors 
Building of decks, patios, porches, and pergolas  

Clean up of construction sites 

 The Framing Carpenter will work at high points of a structure when preparing for roofing, installing siding and windows, and other jobs.    This work is primarily performed outdoors in all types of weather conditions.