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Burn Boot Camp Oconomowoc



About Us

Burn Boot Camp transforms lives and communities through challenging 45-minute cardio and strength workouts that will leave you feeling stronger and more confident in all aspects of your life.

Burn Boot Camp elite trainers work with you one-on-one in Camp to help you achieve your goals. Our workouts target different muscle groups throughout the week, giving you the best results for your time.

All Burn Boot Camp workouts can be modified up or down, so our high-intensity strength and cardio workouts will push you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. You’ll gain discipline that transcends fitness and maximizes the quality of your life.

When you step into one of our gyms, you become a part of #BurnNation. With our supportive, inspiring, and motivating community, you’ll have all you need to achieve greatness.

Our certified personal trainers hold one-on-one Focus Meetings to help you form a plan for success. Whether it’s guidance on nutrition, performance, mindset, or fat loss that you need, we’ll help you crush all your goals.

We want nothing to stand in your way, which is why all of our gyms have a staffed Childwatch center for your kids to learn, play, and grow while you work out. This perk is included in your membership, at no extra cost to you.**

Surrounding yourself with people who will be there for you creates lasting change. Together, we charge forward to change the conversation about fitness. At Burn Boot Camp, we build each other up.