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First Congregational UCC of Oconomowoc

First Congregational UCC of Oconomowoc


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About Us

We are a church family whose goal is to Engage & Inspire All Generations to Connect with God thru Love and Service.

Core Beliefs:
“All are welcome”: We believe that everyone is welcome and has a responsibility to support and participate in the life and ministry of the church.

“That they may all be one”: This is the motto of the UCC. It reflects a spirit of unity on which the church is based and points toward future efforts to heal the divisions within the church.

“Testimonies of faith rather than tests of faith”: Faith can be expressed in many different ways, the UCC has no formula that is a test of faith.

“Priesthood of all believers”: All members of the UCC are called to minister to other people and to participate as equals in the life of the church. Each of us have direct access to the grace of God through prayer and reflection.

“There is yet more light and truth to break forth from God’s Holy Word”: This classic statement assumes the primacy of the Bible as our source for understanding the good news. It recognizes that the Bible, though written in specific historical times and places, still speaks to us in our present condition.

“A church striving for justice”: As part of our church mission, we strive to serve other people through feeding the hungry, liberating the oppressed, providing shelter for the homeless or healing for those who hurt.

This is only a summary of our core beliefs. If you have questions please speak with the pastor or a member of our church.