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Lake Country Classical Academy

Lake Country Classical Academy



About Us

As a Hillsdale College member school, Lake Country Classical Academy (LCCA) trains our students to think well, love the right things, and spend their lives pursuing the good. We address the real need for tuition-free, high-quality, teacher-led education, K-12. There is a desire among many families in Lake Country for a teacher-led, classical education experience. LCCA believes that all students should have access to this option, regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, primary language, or race. Classical Education upholds a standard of excellence and has proven itself over the course of time.

LCCA is a licensed user of the Hillsdale K-12 curriculum, providing a classical education that is content-rich across four disciplines: Math, Science, English Language Arts, and History, with significant attention to music, art, and foreign language. Each of these disciplines will be taught with an emphasis on the history and traditions of American citizens as the inheritors of Western civilization. We believe LCCA’s high standards and research-based curriculum provide students with a content-rich education that will challenge them to excel not only in learning but also in character development. At LCCA, high academic achievement, personal discipline, ethics, and responsibility will be consistently reinforced through the study of subjects in the classical tradition. Students will graduate from LCCA as highly literate and ethical citizens who are well-prepared to advance into any life endeavor.