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Mathnasium of Oconomowoc

Mathnasium of Oconomowoc


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About Us

Mathnasium is the premier math-only learning center for students in grades K-12 who want to catch up, keep up, or get ahead in math.

Mathnasium offers customized learning plans, homework help, and test preparation services. Their expert instructors don’t just teach students to memorize or calculate. They teach them to truly understand the way math works, which is why Mathnasium students make huge strides in the classroom and become more motivated and self-assured overall.

The Mathnasium secret sauce is that kids LOVE going there because of their welcoming environment and motivating rewards program.

Contact us to schedule a free assessment for your child today or learn about employment opportunities, as we're always looking to hire the next all star to our incredible team.

Mathnasium is changing lives through math!

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