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Peace of Mind Wellness

Peace of Mind Wellness


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About Us

Life can lead us down painful and difficult paths. When our lives get off the beaten path, it can have drastic impacts on our mental health. It can be hard to identify how we got to this point, or even how we can get back on track. This can leave us filled with anxiety, anger, sadness, and shame. It’s damn hard. Sometimes, it feels like you can’t even recognize who you are. Asking for help can be a very difficult step in the process. Therapy can help you along your way to help you get back on the path to healing.

At Peace of Mind Wellness, our therapists want to assist you with not just how you’re feeling, but how you got to this point. The past has a way of impacting us in the present, without us even realizing it (Shapiro). We believe the path to healing is not just focusing on the present, but how we got here in the first place. This can help you identify how these painful pieces play a role in your thoughts, how you view yourself, and how they impact your relationships with others. The path to healing often involves chasing the “why” in order to lead you back to wellness.

As trauma-informed mental health providers, we strive to use our expertise in order to create a comfortable, welcoming, and safe environment for you; especially those with diverse needs and underserved populations. Your treatment needs and goals are individualized to map out your journey. We’re a team. This is a highly collaborative process.

Beginning your journey to better your mental wellness can be challenging. We would love to hear from you, and help you start the healing process. Please contact