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SteelTank Brewing Co



About Us

SteelTank Brewing Co is more than just beer. It's a brand that stands for dedication to the craft beer consumer while being veteran owned and locally based, with a commitment to excellence. The owners, Dave and Jason were two coworkers of almost 20 years working as manufacturing engineers. Over the years and endless conversations, their mutual love of great beer formed a bond, and they started brewing beer in a garage to pursue a dream of having their own brewery. That dream is now a reality. With all the hard work they've done since 2013 coming to fruition as SteelTank Brewing Co. in Oconomowoc, WI. Within the dream and concept for SteelTank came Mike Wengren, who the world may know as the drummer for the band Disturbed. Mike is a critical member of the SteelTank family lending his creativity to the original vision.


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