Healing from Hidden Abuse - Adult Womens Support Group

Age Group: Adult female
When: Monday, October 26th Runs for 8 weeks
Where: 405 E. Forest Street Oconomowoc WI
Cost $25 a session/ or $150 if pre-paid.
How to Sign up email info@onpurposepsyche.com or k.rachellecoffey@gmail.com
Not all wounds are visible. Hidden abuse leaves no bruises. It happens in the spoken and unspoken experiences of a relationship, with a family member, a spouse, a colleague or a friendship. There are no broken bones or holes in the walls. The bruises and the pain are held tightly within the person.
This is an 8-week support group for individuals in the process of healing from relationships which have involved emotional abuse. You or maybe someone you know may have been in a relationship with a person that exhibits traits of a personality disorder. Maybe you have felt confused or like you're going crazy. Maybe for a long time, you have known that something wasn't quite right in the relationship with this person but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Finding people who understand what you have been going through is essential to the healing process.
In this group, we will cover a variety of topics including boundaries, codependency, spotting an unhealthy relationship, and more. I will provide you with helpful resources for dealing with the Narcissist or emotional abuser and for your journey through recovery

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