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Bestowed Gift Box is your go-to for unique & thoughtful gift-giving. Skip the hard work searching for that perfect gift! Shop online on my website, pick your gift, and ship! It’s that easy. Bestowed is a home-based small business located in Oconomowoc and my website became live in April 2020. My husband, Martin, and I moved to the area 5 years ago and couldn’t ask to be in a more family-friendly town. You can reach me via email at, my website, and @bestowedgiftbox on social media!

What is the story behind your business, how did you get started?
Bestowed was inspired by hearing “I have no idea what to get him/her” for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s/Father’s Days, or housewarming gifts. So, I took my passion for gift-giving and put this business into motion => create ready-made unique gift boxes that can be shipped directly to your giftee! And with the impact of COVID-19, this makes gift-giving thoughtful and special even though we may not be able to visit our friends and families.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I would say hands-down the best thing about Bestowed are hearing the reviews from our shoppers! It honestly warms my heart SO much to hear that the simple act of gift-giving can make such an impact on someone, especially the “surprise” of receiving a gift box through the mail. Nobody loves an unexpected gift more than I do so I can totally relate to that excitement!
What is something people would be surprised to know about your business?
Two things – First, pretty much anything is customizable at Bestowed. If you like certain items from different boxes, no problem! Just contact me and I will make your wish my command! Second, I’m really interested in corporate gifting and would love the opportunity to create either employee appreciation gift boxes or holiday gift boxes for your small business!

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