Member Mondays: Lake Life Photography

Member Mondays: Lake Life Photography

What do you enjoy most about what you do? 
Since I was a kid growing up in Waukesha county, I've loved photography and telling stories with images. With Lake Life Photography we get to do exactly that, tell the story of businesses and families in Lake Country through our images. The creative aspect of taking a single or services of images that help promote a business or capture a milestone in a family's life is very rewarding.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?
We have seen business slow down but since our photography is done at each of our clients' locations, we aren't as restricted as having a studio. We can work outside with individuals and families to create their portraits or work at our business clients' facilities to create the images that promote their business.

Share a memorable or favorite customer experience.
Last year we photographed the high school senior portrait of the oldest son of one of our wedding clients from over 20 years ago. To be able to see a happy marriage last that long and be a part of multiple family milestones and record them is very gratifying. We thank everyone who's invited us into their lives and commissioned us to capture their family memories.

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