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100 Women Who Care Waukesha County


Nonprofit Service Club or Organization

About Us

We are a giving circle group of women in Waukesha County. We started in 2015 and we have been helping nonprofits in Waukesah County ever since. We meet four times per year to choose a Waukesha based charity to donate to as a group. Our memberships are $100 per member, $50 for a team of 2 who shares a vote or $30 for 16–30-year-olds. Our members nominate 3 charities that are 501c-3 at least one year,and the donations need to stay in Waukesha County. We vote and make payments directly to the nonprofit. We then hear from the previously chosen nonprofit how they used our donation.

We meet for only one hour, four times a year at Tuscan Hall Banquet Center in Waukesha. Come join us and bring a friend, family member or neighbor. Together we change lives in Waukesha County.


Giving Circle May 2023-Family Promise
Check Delivery to Friends with Food-June 2023
Healing Hearts Feb 2023