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Breathe Salt and Sauna

Breathe Salt and Sauna


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About Us

A place for relaxation & healing.
Breathe Salt & Sauna in Johnson Creek offers a series of wellness services for guests seeking additional relief from illness as well as those looking for a day of relaxation while easily improving the immune system.

Laurie and Jon have been an unstoppable team engaging with their community and building strong, trustworthy businesses in Southern Wisconsin. In 2017, Laurie was diagnosed with breast cancer and, during radiation therapy, began seeking additional, natural treatments to aid her recovery.

To ensure a positive experience for all, Laurie and Jon have created a relaxing and enjoyable environment where people of all ages can seek relief from breathing discomfort, skin complications, and a myriad of other ailments. Enjoy a day of calming relaxation while sampling aromatherapy, chromotherapy, infrared sauna, salt therapy, and other wellness products.

There’s really no reason not to!


Meditation Salt Room
Private Family Salt Room
Zero gravity chairs
15-minute salt booths
15-minute salt booth
Private infrared sauna
Infrared saunas
Red light therapy in our infrared saunas
Red Light Info